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Everyone who wants to have fun or drink something refreshing in the hot summer days is welcome at the beach bar of Chernomorets camping! Another plus for all guests is the PIZZA POINT, which is also located on the shore. To make your stay unforgettable, there is also a Mediterranean-style SIMPLE BEACH. There you can enjoy delicious dishes, impeccable service, the whisper of the sea and the freshness coming from the green forest!

The camping has own vegetable garden, from which we will supply fresh vegetables. We are also raising chickens whose eggs will be a part of the menu of the eco camping..

Camping Chernomorets is a place where you can forget the infinite tasks and the busy schedule. Take a break and share your summer adventures online. Optical Internet is available at the camping site. To make your holiday unforgettable, in addition to the beauty of the nature, we designated for you a massage area for a complete relax.

Camping Chernomorets offers electricity, water and sewage system in each individual plot of land you rent. Alleys between the different camping areas are illuminated to ensure your comfort anytime. For the tranquility of all campers we have provided 24-hour security and video surveillance, a medical point on the beach and a coast with lifeguard posts. Sheltered parking place will be provided for your personal car. The place for a second vehicle will be extra charged.


Within Camping Chernomorets you will be able to enjoy delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine. Be sure to try the iconic dishes offered at the Bodrum in the heart of the complex.


The lagoon at the camp will give you the opportunity to rest by one of the most beautiful pools on our Black Sea coast. Here, relax and luxury go hand in hand.

Sushi Bar

The sushi bar is located right next to the charming lagoon in the camp Chernomorets. Here you can enjoy wonderful sushi and dishes typical of Asian cuisine.

Boho Bar Smokinya

Boho Bar "Smokinya" is located right next to the beach itself. Here you can quench your thirst for a fresh cocktail, aromatic coffee or a cold beer. The bar, with its boho style, blends beautifully with the overall design of the camp and is always a step away from you.

Supermarket Mandarin

Our main goal is to give you the opportunity to enjoy a full vacation without sacrificing anything. Within the camp, all guests will be able to shop for goods from the newly built "Mandarin" Supermarket. In the store you will also find fresh fruits and vegetables, so that you can fully enjoy the seasonal and healthy food.

Tarzan Kids Corner

Fun at Camping Chernomorets is a must. In the summer season of 2021, we launched new children's corner "Tarzan", suitable for children aged 2 to 15. In the children's corner, they will be able to play, skating, jumping and climbing on the great facilities, built specifically for their comfort and entertainment.


In camping Chernomorets we also offer "CLEANING" services. During your stay at the camping, you could use a pre-order cleaning services. A professionals cleaners will be committed to taking care of your comfort while camping. We also offer laundry services at the camping.


We provide 24/7 video surveillance and security on the teritory of the camping Chernomorets. The safety of your property is provided by us! If you choose us, your caravan could stay on the teritory of the campsite even during the winter months. So next summer you can enjoy the start of the season without having troubles to arrange your caravan to be transported again to the campsite.

During the winter season the water pumps will be grounded , but there will have an electricity in the terithory of the camping. Price for one caravan for the winter season - 700 BGN


CHATSWORTH - English Summer School Summer time is a great time for play and fun, as well as for education and professional development for the children. If you want your kid not to lose it`s pace of study, you could enroll your child in an English couse. This course is provided again from camping Chernomorets. The lessons are held in Sozopol, at CHATSWORTH - English Summer School. Transport from the campsite to the school and back is provided by us! Make the summer unforgettable for your child too!

At Chatsworth English Summer School we pride ourselves in providing an excellent English education to students from 4 to 14 years old, during July and first half of August. The course includes 4 lessons of English per day. The class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure quality teaching time for each student. The main areas of development are speaking and listening, and the aim is to increase the confidence of all students in their ability to communicate in English.

Parking spot

You have a free parking spot for one car, during your stay in the camping.

220V Electricity

You have an individual electricity meter

Water supply

You have an individual water meter

Medical Center

Medical assistance on the beach shore is provided

Internet Access

You have access to Optical Internet

Relax Zone

Access to relaxation area for massage

Beach Bar

Drink Bar and Pizza Point located on the beach

Food and Drinks

Mediterranean-style with 70 seats

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In 2020 season, the facilities in camping Chernomorets include a modern Mediterranean-style on the beach, beach bar and Pizza Point. Also a variety of attractions and a relax zone for massages. We will take care for your safety, by providing 24/7 security, video surveillance, beach area with lifeguard posts, covered parking spaces and a medical person! Guests of Camping Chernomorets also have all the necessary amenities for each household - electricity, water and sewage system!


In 2021 we are planning the opening of a supermarket and Bakery on the territory of camping Chernomorets! We will also expand the camping area with more plots. Our goal is to increase the number of amenities and attractions by constantly improving the infrastructure and landscape of the area! We want to make camping Chernomorets the best place for families and friends!