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1. The placement of tents and campers is not allowed on the territory of the Campsite.

2. The access of the visitors to the Campsite is possible with preliminary registration at the Reception.

3. All not duly registered persons residing in the site for placement of caravan and/or facilities, or common parts of “Camping Chernomorets” will be considered violators and authorized employees of the Campsite have the right to forcibly remove them from the territory of the Campsite.

4. In order to protect the property of each of the tenants, the use of adjacent sites is forbidden and the violators will be held liable. In case of damages to neighboring sites and caravans, additional facilities, and equipment located in them, the violator shall remove the damages at his/her own expense.

5. Tenants of separate sites for placement of caravans and/or facilities on the territory of “Camping Chernomorets” have the right to free access for one vehicle.

6. It is forbidden to park vehicles on green areas and in places other than those designated for parking.

7. The empty spaces between the caravans are used only for loading and unloading luggage, after which the vehicles must be removed to the designated parking spots.

8. It is forbidden to drive ATVs and cross bikes on the territory of the campsite.

9. The movement in the area of the Campsite by motor vehicle takes place at a speed not higher than 10 km/h. The management of the campsite has the right to deny the violators access by vehicle.

10. In order to ensure the peace of mind of the residents of the campsite, it is forbidden to enter and exit the territory of the campsite by vehicle from midnight until 8:00 in the morning, except in urgent and emergency cases. In case you want to leave the campsite between 24:00 and 08:00, you must park your vehicle in advance outside the barrier.

11. All campers with caravans are obliged to use working, grounded, and zeroed electrical appliances and connecting cables.

12. BBQs and grills can be used only on the territory of the leased site. It is strictly forbidden to light an open fire, launch flying lanterns and use pyrotechnics on the campsite.

13. It is prohibited to damage, relocate and destroy signs and information boards, road signs, lighting fixtures, containers, garbage cans, etc. In case of damages, the damages are removed at the expense of the violator.

14. It is forbidden to damage, cut down, and uproot trees, bushes, and other vegetation.

15. Please take care of the tranquility of the campsite, and do not cause noise during the hours for keeping silence on the territory of the campsite during the time from 14:00 to 16:00 and 23:00 to 9:00.

16. Pets are welcome at the campsite but are not allowed to walk freely in the common areas of the campsite. When crossing common areas, dogs must be on a leash and with a muzzle for breeds over 15 kg and/or more aggressive breeds. It is mandatory to clean up after them and it is not allowed to bathe in the sea in places where there are beachgoers. In case of complaints from neighbors or other guests of the campsite, it may be required to remove them from the campsite.

17. For any non-compliance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure and the General Terms and Conditions of “Camping Chernomorets”, the violator owes the Campsite payment of a fine, which according to the violation/non-compliance may amount from BGN 200 to BGN  2,000. The violation shall be established by a protocol from employees of the Campsite. The protocol shall be presented to the infringer or placed on the facility placed on the leased site. The monetary claim is automatically due, as of the day of drawing up the protocol for the established violation.

18. Any repeated non-fulfillment of the obligations and violation of the rules and obligations, provided in the Rules of Procedure and the General Terms and Conditions of “Camping Chernomorets”, is grounds for unilateral, early termination of the lease without the right to refund the rental price. Upon termination of the lease, the rights of the tenant, including residents and guests, to hold and use the rented site, as well as the facilities on it, drop out automatically for the future period.

In connection with the above, with the acquaintance with the General Terms and Conditions and the Rules of Procedure, the tenants, their guests, and visitors, declare their consent and do not object to the right of SUNRISE BLUE LAGOON OOD to remove from the camping area their caravan and/or facilities. Because of the given/declared consent for exercising this right by the Campsite, the behavior of its employees and/or workers cannot be accepted as self- administered actions but constitutes one for their prevention.

19. After getting acquainted with the Rules of Procedure, the tenants, their guests, visitors, and residents of the Campsite territory are obliged to observe its provisions by declaring consent for the application of the rules provided thereto. “Camping Chernomorets” reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions and the Rules of Procedure.